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The Job Seeker Podcast serves to deliver high quality information related to career advice and professional development. This platform is for all job seekers in all industries to learn and grow in their careers.  If you're seeking employment, looking to make a change in your career, need assistance with creating or revising a resume, interview preparation, salary negotiation, switching careers or if you just want to talk about a specific topic relating to your job search. This is a safe place to share information regarding your job search, ask questions and get answers from anyone engaged in the forums or blog posts. This is my way of giving back as well as reaching a far greater audience.


How to Market Yourself

J&See Views on Marketing Guest Appearance

Marketing isn't limited to brands and agencies. In fact, it can be as simple as a resume sent to your dream company. In order to snag that job, you'll have to sell them on one product: YOU. In this episode, Meg sits down with career coach and recruiter Michelle Barnard to discuss how you can successfully market yourself to potential employers.


Closing the Unemployment Gap 

SnackWalls views on building diverse teams and leading companies to tech equity

Michelle has noticed that the diverse talent companies are looking for can be found overseas. Our current school system is not producing enough people to match the demand of the tech jobs here in the US. She doesn't think that a CS degree should be mandatory for software engineering roles because this requirement would exclude talented people that might otherwise be a good fit for the role. A degree should be listed on the “nice to have” list and employers should incentivize these candidates with a pay bump. Michelle believes that an apprenticeship pattern in tech would help with the talent supply shortage we face in the US. The next generation of workforce employees are growing up in a different world and might do well with a more hands-on-approach to training. From her experience, the best way to retain diverse employees in an organization is to treat them equally with everyone else.

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